Message from CEO and ED, GTI Council

Jim Corbett had called the Tiger ‘ a big hearted gentleman ‘. Its cosmic energy, its grace and power, its indomitable courage, and its compassion has inspired the world. It manifests in itself the spirit of creation. It is the protector of the forest, the kind deity of nature. It determines the balance that determines us. And it decides when the clouds shall bear rain.

The Book of I Ching said a thousand years ago: ‘Without the breath of the Tiger there would be no wind; there would be clouds but there would be no rain’

Whenever I see a tiger in the wild and watch it walking in a meditative repose, I can feel it’s divinity. The world around him rejoices in its presence and nature resounds with music. Every shadow, every bend in the dark forest holds its mystery and its presence. The presence of the Tiger signifies true wilderness, a wilderness we are losing fast. Our world is evolving away from nature and the earth is being consumed and diminished. 

Photo – Mohnish Kapoor

Forces of evil have their eyes on the Tiger. We have to save it from the perversities of consumption. Like voracious hyenas, the world is gnawing at its edges and destroying the earth. Nature warriors are fighting in the front lines. They have staked their lives in protecting the majesty of the Tiger and the wilderness they dwell. On the Global Tiger Day, we salute them for their courage and convey our gratitude and thanks to them and to their families.

We also bow our head to the beneficent spirit of the forest, the Tiger in the wild. May it give light and wisdom to us lesser beings.

Keshav Varma

Report of the 3rd Stocktaking Conference

The Global Tiger Forum organised the 3rd Stocktaking Conference on 28 – 29 January, in collaboration with Global Tiger Initiative Council (GTIC), National Tiger Conservation Authority (Government of India), Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT), Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), and WWF. This is the latest collective step in the process that began at the 2010 St Petersburg Tiger Summit – where 13 tiger-range governments committed to Tx2 – an ambitious goal to double the global wild tiger population by 2022.

The report for the same is provided below:

Do You Know the Earth’s Third Pole?


The glaciers and snow-covered peaks surrounding the Tibetan Plateau hold the planet’s largest store of permanent ice and permafrost outside of the North and South Poles. The thousands of glaciers and seasonal snow melt form the headwaters for Asia’s most important rivers, directly providing drinking water, power and irrigation to more than 200 million people and supporting more than a billion people living in the larger river basins.

The Third Pole also contains a large variety of local communities, and a rich biodiversity of which the endangered snow leopard is perhaps the most iconic representative.

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Source: GSLEP website