Global Alliance 13 Tiger Range Countries, 12 Snow Leopard Range Countries, 20 in total (5 overlapping) plus partner organizations that constituted the GTF for GTRP and GSLEP Secretariat for GSLEP
Chair Mr. Robert Zoellick, former President of the World Bank
CEO & Executive Director Mr. Keshav Varma, GTI Founding Director
Implementing Body Global Tiger Forum for GTRP and GSLEP Secretariat for GSLEP


  • Generates and sustains political will for species conservation at highest levels
  • Engages in advocacy to raise the respective profiles of GTRP and GSLEP
  • Helps the Secretariats coordinate the Global Support Components of the GTRP and GSLEP
  • Raises resources for the range countries for GTRP and GSLEP implementation and coordination
  • Advocates on specific public policy issues affecting snow leopards and wild tigers
  • Coordinates with GTF and GSLEP Secretariats to enable convergence and connectivity between the two programs as well as with other organizations, agencies and countries
  • Develop green growth strategies and models to strike the right balance between conservation and development for local communities
  • Develops a multi-stakeholder coalition of businesses and industries
  • Supports publicity and awareness building programs for the masses using conventional and social media